Communicative Language Training

Communicative Language Training

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Communicative Language Teaching
The aim of this unit
• To make you think about communicative approach to teaching languages
• To analyse the concept of communicative competence
• To reflect upon the communicative teaching techniques

What do you have to do in this unit?
• Warming up discussions
• Input reading
• Self-assessment questions (SAQS)
• Exploratory tasks
• Integrated task

Warming up discussion 0
Warm up the concept of a “communicative situation” (situation, in which it is necessary to communicate orally and/or through writing in order to achieve a certain goal). Produce a “mind map” of the concept listing most typical communicative situations in your own real world

Communicative situations

Input reading 1
The way towards communicative teaching
Warming-up discussion 1.1
Rate in order of importance the items that the students need in order to master the language communicatively (more than one item can get one rank)
Items Rating
1. Vocabulary
2. Grammar
3. Pronunciation
4. Knowledge of typical situations
5. Target culture
6. Skills in speaking
7. Skills in writing
8. Skills in reading
9. Skills in listening
10. Non-verbal means of communication (gestures etc)
11. Knowledge of how to deal with people
12. Experience of making decisions in communicative situations
13. Experience in playing a role
14. Experience in problem-solving
15. Experience in playing communicative games

Pre-communication methods
The way towards communicative teaching has been a long and controversial one with advances and set backs. The focus of attention was gradually shifting from the language as a systematic code to the language as a means of communication with the search for an effective method of instruction and consideration of the learner’s personality. (The digest of teaching methods in this module is based on Richards, J., and Th. Rogers.1995. Approaches and Methods in language Teaching. CUP).


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