Communism in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Communism in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

In 1955, the world was a different place, people constantly living in fear. With communism on its rise and living on the brink of war, laws were passed, organizations made and citizens in concern of the safety. Communism, seen as a very contagious, infectious disease, was on the minds of everyone, including Hollywood. Invasion of the body snatchers is a perfect example of when hysteria is thrown into a movie. During the cold war Communist were thought to be evil, and their main goal to convert or destroy everyone against their culture. Also, in the eyes of Americans, they were viewed to be emotionless and cared for nothing.

In the "Invasions of the body snatchers" there are many examples of these traits. Like, when your body was "taken over", you would become emotionless and uncaring. Soon the whole town was under "control" of the body snatchers. In one scene, the main character and his girl friend are the only "regular" humans left. So to avoid trouble they decide to try and blend in,

Main Character: "Now remember act emotionless, smile, nod, pretend everything is fine."

Girl Friend: "Yes, yes I understand"

But as they are walking across the street a truck barrels through and is about to hit a dog and the Girl Friend cries out,

Girl Friend: "NOOOOO!"

Giving away the fact that they can feel emotions and then the rest of the town chases after them.

In this scene, it shows how people viewed the communists. Another scene that shows us that same dull, emotionless side of communism, as America came to believe, is when the main character is conversing with his "body snatched" friend, who is trying to convince him to join and become "one of them"

Main Character: "You too?"

Friend: "Yes, join us it is the best way, I was nervous at first but now everything is simpler."

Main Character:...

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