Community Health Agency Interviews

Community Health Agency Interviews

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Community Health Agency

PART A: Agency Introduction

Date of site visit

2 November 5, 20099

1. Agency Name, Address, Telephone Number and Website
a. Newport-mesa Assistant League
b. 2220 Fairview Rd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-1624
c. 949-645-2882/(949) 645-5477
2. Director’s Name
a. Nancy Sorke, Barbara Mullen, Anne Wong
3. Hours of Operation
a. Mondays-Thursdays 9-12, 1-4. Fridays 8-3.
4. Name of the person you interviewed, including their title, degrees or certifications, and a
contact phone number
a. Susie Espinosa
i. Title- Office Manager
ii. No degree
iii. 949-645-2882

Part B: Interview Questions

1. What is the mission statement of this agency/organization?
a. Mission is to provide dental care and provide education on oral hygiene to families with low income in local communities.
2. What services does this agency provide on a daily basis (i.e., types of services, health fairs, etc.) and who is the target population? Does this agency charge a fee for their services? If so, what is the cost?
a. The agency provides free dental screenings on Saturdays and gives out free clothing for Operation School Bell.
b. The target population include preschoolers-12th graders with low family income and have to qualify for the program.
c. Yes, there is a small fee for their services.
i. Fillings are $10, Crowns are charged whatever the lab fees cost, (the service is free), extractions are $10, and root canal treatments are $15 per tooth.
ii. Cosmetic and special services which include dentists with specialties are more expensive. Orthodontics ranges from 1200-1500 per patient. Teeth whitening cost $30, and veneers are charged whatever the lab fees...

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