Community Health

Community Health

Health People 2010:
Road map to improve health
Objectives/goals of Health People 2010:
1.) Increase QUALITY and YEARS of HEALTHY life
2.) Eliminate Health disparities

Leading causes of death (top 3):
1.) Heart Disease
2.) Cancer
3.) Stroke

Communicable Diseases:
Illness caused by some specific biological agent or its toxics products that can be transmitted from an infected person, animal, or inanimate reservoir to a susceptible host.
- Common cold
- Flu

Non-communicable Diseases:
A disease that cannot be transmitted from an infected host to a susceptible host
- Heart Disease
- Cancers
- Diabetes



Acute Diseases:
A disease that lasts three months or less
- Common cold
- Chicken pox
- Measles

Crude Rate:
A rate in which the denominator includes the total population

Age-adjusted rates:
Rate used to make comparisons of relative risks in groups over time when groups differ in age structure

Specific Rates:
The rate that measures morbidity (death from a disease) or mortality (rate of disease) of a specific population or diseases.

Incidence Rate:
The number of new cases or a disease in a population at risk during a particular period of time divided by the total number in that same population

Prevalence rate:
The number of new and old cases of a disease in a population in a given period of time divided by the total number in that population

Attack Rate:
The incident rate calculated for a particular population for a single disease outbreak an expressed as a percentage.

People afflicted with a diseased

Outbreak of diseases over a wide geographical area, such as a continent.

The number of events that occur in a given population in a given period of time.

Importance of Rates:
Prime importance is the number of cases (people who are sick) and of course the number of deaths

Health (defined by the World...

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