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Each community has its beliefs and disbeliefs. Some may be spiritual, political or educational. In my community it is all about showing off what you have or what you have to give. Neighbors all around me love to show of their cars, clothes and money. There is clear evidence that belief is in action.

The first obvious belief in action in my community would be cars. Most cars in my neighborhood are what we call ‘dressed up’. They are more than likely to be candy painted, have tinted windows and shiny rims. The appearances of these cars are kept up weekly. The car washes are always over flooded every Saturday or after church on Sunday.

Next of importance where I come from is your appearance. Name brand clothes and shoes is a must. If there is a new pair of Air Jordans coming out the second Wednesday of the month, I must have them by Wednesday night. Some may view it as peer pressure to fit in but in my neighborhood we call it being the best, having the best and nothing less.

After all, to maintain the image of our materialistic community, it ultimately comes down to having money. Most of us like having the riches that are essential to our materialistic community. With money being our most valued asset, my community upholds the flashy, fabulous and fanatic lifestyle.

In the end, my community’s beliefs in action contribute to the appetite for the glamorous way of living. Everyone wants to shine in the spotlight and glow in the dark. My neighborhood is a town full of people that believe keeping up the appearance of their cars, clothes and how much money they have. Sometimes I feel like I live in Hollywood.

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