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**1 Commute: to travel back and forth regularly (usually a long distance, as between a suburb and a city)
1. When available, public transit may be the least expensive and most fuel-efficient way to commute.
2. Is it possible for me to commute to work by bike?
3. Bicyclists and walkers arrive at work with less stress than those who commute by automobile.

**2 Right off the bat: right away, at once
1. Right off the bat, the man asked the beautiful woman if she was single. She hadn't even said her name!
2. As you can see right off the bat, the exam is only 2 pages.
3. A direct person will state his intentions right off the bat.

**3 Right before my eyes: directly in front of me
1. There, right before my eyes, was the Eiffel Tower! I had finally arrived in Paris.
2. He saw his girlfriend kiss another man right before his eyes.
3. I was leaving the store and there was Tom Cruise right before my eyes.

**6 Get a kick out of: take pleasure, enjoy doing
1. I get a kick out of watching cartoons Saturday morning. It is my favourite time to relax and laugh.
2. Sean is 12 and he gets a kick out of his dog when she chases her tail.
3. My friend gets a kick out of going to old movies. He enjoys seeing the sophisticated clothing of everyone and hearing old expressions that we no longer use.

**9 Rest assured: be sure, be certain
1. Rest assured the police will catch the criminals, and our streets will be safe again.
2. She will not let him get away with this, rest assured. She is very vindictive.
3. If Johnny said he would vote for Kim, you can rest assured that he will. He is a man of his word.

**10 No rhyme or reason: no sense, not logical.
1. He presented us his plan to build a house. I think he made it on the subway in 15 minutes because his plan had no rhyme or reason.
2. There is no rhyme or reason to her behaviour. Some days she is very understanding, some days it is impossible to speak with her.
3. There's just no rhyme or...