Company Reports

Company Reports

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Note to self about report requirements:
- Include the problems you saw and what we could do to improve the flow of information and communications between the departments
- Addresses how you might interconnect our departments and any proposed systems
- Discuss any use of databases and associated database tools
- Include how we can leverage Business Intelligence (BI) to produce meaningful information and decision making systems to help us keep costs low and increase profits

Front desk:
Q:What kind of reporting is provide for room usage
A:Daily and weekly occupancy reports are sent to other departments (printed) A share or website can help with that.
Q: How do reservations get entered.
A: manually at the terminal. You can call in to enter the way as if standing there. An online web interface can help.
Q: is it possible to do reservations online?
A: they use a 3rd party company that provides online reservations. ( a website can be used to push out the middle man. The info would then be entered into a data bace for the final approval from the front desk.

Q: what reports are produce?
A: Monthly income statements, a blance sheet, and an expense report that is used by various departments. All reports are done manually.
Q: how do you make sure the data is entered correctly
A: They don’t know, accuracy of the information from the other departments is also unknown
Q: How do you kep track of revenues and expenses
A: Receipts are collected from each departments and manually entered into the accounting application.
Q: how do you schedule your staff and the cleanings
A: they check the weekly occupancy forecast reports from the front desk to see how many cleaners to schedule for the week. The report is a hit or miss. Then a daily report is provided by the front desk to figure out which rooms need to be cleaned. This is hit or miss as well. The report does not show last miute cancellations and room changes.
Q: how long...

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