Comparasion Between Boeing 737 and Airbus A330

Comparasion Between Boeing 737 and Airbus A330

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Comparison between Boeing and Airbus
Topic A

If we want to know which airplane better than other plain, we must compare from physic and technology. We can see in comprehension table, Airbus have advantages in range fully loaded, dimension of Airplane, and fuel capacity. Boeing has advantage in price of unit, but both of them have same speed and technology.
“New and more efficient aircraft using new technologies, such as the airbus A380 and Boeing B787, will help improve fuel efficiency by around 25 percent by 2020”1 Bisignani says.
The company has endorsed the ambitious commitment adopted by the advisory council for Aeronautics Research in Europe in its vision for 2020, namely a 50 percent reduction in perceived noise, a 50 percent reduction in fuel consumption and 80 percent cut in nitrous oxide.
Airbus and Boeing have another way. To compete directly with the A380, Boeing's 747-8 uses fuel-efficient engines like the 787 to carry 450 passengers. To counter the 787, Airbus is offering a white elephant called the A350, which has been widely derided as out of step with the changing times.
According to Boeing, the 787 is the result of over a decade of focus groups and scientific studies to gain a better understanding of passenger comfort and how the design of airplane interiors can make flying a more pleasant experience. If Airbus made comparable efforts, we are hard-pressed to find the evidence.
Boeing versus Airbus is one of the most hard-fought, closely watched marketing battles out there. So I recommend to choose Airbus because The A380, with more seats than the 787-8. The cash operating costs to the airline per seat will be less than for the 787-8, as will the plane's empty weight per seat. The Airbus is a double Decker 4-engined. Boeing is a 2-engined composite framed liner seating 223. Half that of the 380 and Boeing doesn't take the current hub-and-spoke...

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