comparative essay of Beautiful creatures

comparative essay of Beautiful creatures


Mr. Lin

English 10

21 May 2013
Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures was written by authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl in 2009. The movie with the same title was made in April 2012 and then it was released in February 2013.Richard LaGravenese was both the scriptwriter and the director of the film. The movie and the novel had big differences, which definitely make us think which one is more effective. The story is about teenager Ethan Wate, who is obsessed with his urge to finish high school and go to college in order to leave behind, the small, weird town of Gatlin. Everything changed the moment when Ethan met Lena Duchannes, a mysterious girl who just arrived in town, Ethan found out that Lena was the girl in his dreams. Lena had a lot of problems from the time that she moved back her hometown. Lena told Ethan her dark secrets (being a caster) and family history, the story starts with Ethan’s love for Lena and her upcoming problem, which is her 16th birthday. Which medium: the novel or the film is most effective for telling this story? We will answer this question by comparing three parallel scenes from the novel and its filmed adaptation, in terms of how well each scene develops the plot, characters and overall theme of the story. There are hundreds of famous novels, which filmmakers turn them into a movie, whether they could be an unforgettable one or a boring movie, thus it’s important for the audience and the fans to figure out which one was more effective and successful.
The plot development in the novel was good enough to represent the main points to the audience meanwhile in the movie the director cut so much of the plot, which made the movie so different from the novel. One was the telepathic conversation Lena and Ethan had in the novel, which was really important since most of the dialogs of the novel were from this connection they had. However in the movie there was no such thing and the director cut this...

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