Compare and Contrast of Bnw

Compare and Contrast of Bnw

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Compare-Contrast Paper Kayce Cox
Bell 6

Although Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley and the society today are alike in some ways they are also very different. The ways they are different are shown through love and marriage, their use of drugs and human death. The two groups of people in these two societies have different views on how they look upon these subject matters. The society today contrasted to Brave New World has a big idea on how we should look at things that happen.

Sexual indulgence in Brave New World has taken the place of love and marriage. Mustapha Mond, the D.H.C. and every other leader believes that sex should only happen. That people shouldn’t engage in love and marriage. In the society today people take sex and mix it in with love and marriage. Sex shows commitment to that partner of love and committing to them with marriage explains being with them forever in heart, body and mind. Some people, though in the U.S. looks at sex as just pleasure. To them it’s just something that they do to make themselves and their sexual partner feel good. Such as the perfume commercial showing a guy smelling the perfume of a girl then the next scene is them two meeting up and doing certain things in a bedroom or so on. Lenina, Bernard and others in Brave New World believe that sex, not love and marriage shows who they are as a person, but in today’s society love and marriage plus sex shows the person they love who they are and what they are about.

They way they use drugs in Brave New World and in the society today are many different ways. The Londoners from Brave New World use the drug soma as their relief in life. Soma takes their mind off of everything troublesome. If Henry Foster, Fanny or anyone else has a problem or questions their...

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