Compare Contrast

Compare Contrast

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Now that you are more familiar with literary analysis, I’m hoping that you are able to extend your scope of inquiry with a longer assignment. Please be sure to generate ideas and draft on your own before working in draft groups. You will be getting credit for having a complete draft AND for participating in a group. You are welcome to turn in your draft to me for comments primarily on the main point and support; please type out the draft if you plan to turn it in.
You are welcome, of course, to generate your own topics; just clear them with me. You are also invited to talk to me during any stage of the writing process, especially if you don’t know what to write about.
Reminder: your revision (optional) and graded original are due two weeks after your graded essay is returned. Revision comment sheet is needed as well.
1) The following suggestions ask for a comparison/contrast in fairy tales. A comparison/
contrast is a useful device for pointing out similarities and differences so that you can
reach a closer understanding of the topics. One of the versions must be literary.
a) Look at two to three versions of a fairy tale (film versions may be included). In
addition to the Grimm Brothers, there are other European collectors…OR
b) Study and explore how men are portrayed in two to three fairy tales of your
c) Connect a particular theme or pattern of behavior in fairy tales and in Greek,
mythology, such as transformation and disguise/recognition.

2) Generate your own myth, one that explains a natural occurrence (please review the
definition of a myth in the hand-out). In addition to the actual myth, there should be
a preface (minimum one page) explaining why you felt compelled to write this
particular myth and whether or not you are satisfied with the product.

3) Look at how the physical environment is a reflection of the psychological landscape

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