Comparing Between Two Courses

Comparing Between Two Courses

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Compare and contrast between your two courses

A student, during his undergraduate level, has to go through a series of tough times with his courses and degree programs. Being a student of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering I have observed that I have passion for certain courses while I find some really unnecessary for my degree program. To specify, I have enjoyed my physics course as much as I have disliked my chemistry course.

First of all, physics was very interesting. The physics of matter and motion of bodies, both microscopic and macroscopic, fascinated me for quite a long time. Chemistry, on the other hand, has never been able to attract my attention. Although it has quite a lot of importance in our everyday life, I still can’t make up my mind to accept the fact that it also has to be known to move ahead with my engineering program. Moreover, I have begun making faces every time I see the chemistry book.

Secondly, physics is very much related to my degree program. To be specific, Electronics and Telecom engineering requires the application of regular physics, along with the other electrical and electronics concepts. Plus the knowledge of physics is an integral part of engineering, atleast electronics and telecom engineering. Chemistry, however, does not relate to my field of engineering. We nowhere deal with chemicals or reactions for my degree program, nor do we need to learn chemical formulae of any engineering materials. It’s just so vague to learn something that is not related to my major course.

Finally, my physics instructor is comparatively more interactive than my chemistry instructor. Very naturally, the topics of physics need to be conceptually clear and understood, rather than just mugging up the subject matters and puking them into the exam paper. Like in physics, the sir allows us to face situations and find out the answers of conceptual questions, while the chemistry madam is way boring. She hardly gives any importance...

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