Comparing Networks

Comparing Networks

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Networks used today help businesses perform the day to day tasks needed to help with
its growth, security and daily functions. The networks used include: internet, intranet and
extranet, all of these networks work hand in hand, simultaneously to enhance the company’s
well- being. Intranet is a generic word for a collection of private computer networks within an
organization. This network uses technologies as a tool to assist the communication between
people to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization’s
employees (Mitchell,2011). A Businesses Intranet usually includes internet access but is
firewalled so the computers can’t be breached by outside threats. The firewall is opened by a
common extension of the intranet, the extranet opens this block with controlled access to
outsiders. Non-profit groups and schools all over the world use the intranet, corporate
companies are the primary hosts of this productivity tool. This valued network provides
internal e-mail systems and message board services for corporations worldwide.
The term “internet” was coined in the 1970’s, since then it has evolved and become a
global super highway for information and communication exchanged by public and private
sectors (Mitchell,2011). The internet refers to the global network of public computers
running internet protocol. Internet technology supports many private corporate intranets and
private home LANS. The internet also uses the extranet to safeguard public and private systems
globally. The internet is used as a tool for endless reasons, companies across the United States
use the internet to communicate with clients or potential clients. Many businesses use the


internet to provide websites that advertise the company’s information and products. The value
of the internet can’t be measured and has catapulted businesses and non-profit organizations
to the forefront of their existence now and for...

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