Comparing Sony and Samsung

Comparing Sony and Samsung

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Compare Similarities and Differences of Two Companies


1. Introduction

This research is about the similarities and differences between SAMSUNG and SONY and we also will compare these two companies. The reason why we choose these two companies is because they are the leading companies in the electronic business and everyone is aware of the products.

Another reason for considering these two companies it is because, personally we use some of their products and we are satisfied.

1. History of Establishment


Samsung was founded on March 1936 by Byung-Chull Lee in Taegu, Korea. Their first main primary trade was selling dried Korean fish, vegetables, and fruits. In 1951 SAMSUNG Moolsan was established. Within 1972 and 1974 SAMSUNG began their production of black-and ' white TV, washing machine, and refrigerator. Then continued establishing SAMSUNG Heavy Industries and Petrochemicals. As the company reached their production of 4 million black-and-white TV nationally in 1978, which was the most in the world that time, the company has already begun their production of color TV and started exporting. And by 1989 they produced the 20 millionth color TV.

In 1978, SAMSUNG Semiconductor and SAMSUNG Electronics became separate divisions. Later on SAMSUNG launched their Aerospace Industries (now SAMSUNG Techwin), and they have been developing with unprecedented speed ever since. Between 1980 and 1983 SAMSUNG began the production of air conditioners and personal computers. In 1985, SAMSUNG established Data System including systems management, consulting, systems integration, and networking services.

By 1987 the founder of SAMSUNG Byung-Chull Lee passed away, then his son Kun-Hee Lee stepped up to lead the company and was challenged to restructure the old business to enter the new era with the main aim of becoming one of the...

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