Comparison Between HST Series Hydraulic And Traditional Cone Crusher

Comparison Between HST Series Hydraulic And Traditional Cone Crusher

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Description:according to the need of the developing countries, the experts of my company's R & D

Center developed the HCS series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher machine by introduce American

‘s high end technology, and combined with an efficient performance of Chinese metal material. HST

series hydraulic cone crusher since entering the market since they received the favor of users because of

its superior performance. It benefited from the traditional cone crusher but there are innovations. It is the

combination of tradition and innovation makes it a good advantage.

HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is based on the traditional spring cone crusher, relying on

the basis of their twenty years of experience in manufacturing and crusher needs of many customers,

absorbing a number of countries in the word cone crusher technology on the development of the new

cone crusher. It inherited the traditional cone crusher working principle and technology, and a substantial

innovation and improvement, with excellent advantage.

Compared with the traditional cone crusher, it has the following advantages:
Simple structure, small size, beautiful appearance, easy installation and flexible operation, accounting for

less ground. And it can achieve a modular, integrated design. While the traditional cone crusher volume

is relatively large, inconvenient transportation, a larger area.

Production capacity, crushing ratio, grain shape better.HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

can reach the highest hourly production capacity of 1000t, is the traditional cone crusher capacity can

not match. Crushing ratio and through rate is large. Cubic shape of finished grain type, grain type is

better than the traditional cone crusher.

Adjustment is more convenient. When the crushing cavity material into the ultra-crushing pressure,

pressure regulating system itself opened overload...

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