Comparison Essay on Efficient Vehicles

Comparison Essay on Efficient Vehicles

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Energy Efficient Vehicles
Christina Lopez
SCI: 207
Eric Gaskill
November 30, 2009

Energy Efficient Vehicles
As we all know automobiles are an invention that changed people’s lives and many other areas of the world we live in. It would be hard to try and think of how or what we would do if we did not have motor vehicles to get us around from place to place. However, with that great invention of technology comes disadvantages and harmful side effects that have plagued the world we live in. With the world changing and environmental pollution problems increasing ideas about making a better, more efficient automobile have been developed that will prevent the release of harmful emissions into our environment. Other areas that could improve from the development of efficient vehicles would be the reduction in oil imports, saving of money, increasing of jobs, and help towards global warming.
Since we know automobile use will never diminish, should vehicles become more efficient for our environment in order to improve harmful side effects caused by the vehicles we use? Within this paper the writer will cover opinions that are for and against the need for more efficient automobiles. The side that is for efficient automobiles is given by David Friedman. David Friedman has the opinion that technology is available for us to take advantage of and develop ways that will make improvements towards fuel efficiency and other pressing issues of the world. Our opposing side is expressed by Charli E. Coon. Charli E. Coon provides us with the other side of the topic. He states that efficient vehicles have failed to make any improvements and have only caused humans harm. It is important that we explore both sides to this topic and find what is best and more efficient for the world and that is just what the writer hopes to accomplish.

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