Comparisons Between Antigone and Creon

Comparisons Between Antigone and Creon

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Comparisons between Antigone and Creon One book in the Greek trilogy written by Sophocles is Antigone and contains two key characters, Antigone and Creon. Antigone and Creon are incredibly similar. Antigone and Creon are extremely independent people. Creon doesn't mind acting alone without anyone's backing him. When his son, Haemon, comes to speak wit him about not killing Antigone Creon refuses to listen, claiming that Haemon is Antigone's toy and he is corrupt. He then continues with his plan to seal her in a cave. Antigone has no difficulty working by herself either. When Ismene won't assist Antigone in burring their brother, Polynices, Antigone continues by herself. Creon, unlike Antigone, doesn't have to worry about prosecution because he has "tyranny's privilege." Creon and Antigone are very loyal. Creon is particularly loyal to his laws, while Antigone is loyal to her beliefs. Creon will not revise his laws, while Antigone will not go against her beliefs. Creon will not let Antigone go uncharged for burring Polynices, even though she is supposed to be his son's bride. Haemon tries to convince his father to let Antigone live but instead he retorts, "she tainted with that malady". Antigone believes her morals are more important the law, an example of her loyalty to her values is she buries Polynices even though it is against the law.

The loyalty to their beliefs can make Antigone and Creon cruel people. Antigone shows her true colors when she claims Ismene is not loyal to her own blood and she should help with the burring of her brother. Ismene snaps back at Antigone with "heart boils for chilling work." Creon appears ruthless to more people. When Tiresias, a profit who has never been wrong and a close friend to Creon, comes to tell Creon to burry Polynices and free Antigone or else dire consequence shall occur. He is also cruel so his son who is trying to save the life of his soon to be wife.

It's surprising how two...

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