Comparisons in Management Practices Germamy- Japan

Comparisons in Management Practices Germamy- Japan

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Comparisons in Management Practices
Germany and Japan

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Background to business 5
German Business Structure 6
German Management Style 6
German Meetings 7
German Teams 8
German Communication Style 8
Women in Business in Germany 9
Successful Entertaining in Germany 9
Background to Business in Japan 10
Japanese Business Structures 11
Japanese Management Style 12
Japanese’s meeting 13 Japanese Teams 14
Japanese’s Communication Styles 14
Women in Business in Japan 15
Successful Entertaining in Japan 16
Summarized comparisons on business context 17
Similarities in Management Practices 18
Dissimilarities in Management Practices 20
Summary 22
Bibliography 25


The success of a business is often linked to effective management techniques. Many books have been written about the best way to manage a company and what skills are needed to succeed. In looking at successful economies across the globe we can see that there are many styles of effective management. The Japan and Germany have the top leading economies in the world, respectively, and while they have all been successful, they each utilize different characteristics of management. In this paper, we will illustrate the differences in the management of these two nations based on culture, workforce, management style, employee relations, and decision making. We will then combine the best characteristics of each to illustrate a style of super management and provide our own idea of the best way to manage a company.

Although these two countries were once at war, Japan and Germany, allies against the United States in December of 1941 with the attack of Pearl Harbor, these two countries have become the leaders of all global economies. Although, The United States sits at the top as the largest...

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