Compensation and Performance Measures

Compensation and Performance Measures

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Compensation and Performance Measures
Furman Glass
Professor: A. Goodman
April 24, 2013

This memo will explain performance measures and the categories, for example, financial perspective, customer perspective, internal process perspective, and learning and growth perspective. In addition, a description and explanation concerning unethical behaviors and a system of compensation that will be fair. At a minimum information that will address what compensation is and how it relates to the four performance measurements which concerns financial perceptive, customers perceptive, internal process perceptive, and learning/growth perceptive. To conclude, I will address the questions and concerns of the SAC management team in relationship to the adopting of a balanced scorecard and the other unethical behaviors. Upon completion of the inner Department memorandum a review by my supervisor prior to the delivery of the memo to SAC management team to ensure all questions and concerns by the board and the executive committees have been addressed and specific information has been provided to address their inquiries (CTUO, 2010).

Compensation and Performance Measures
Subsequent to the reception of your email in respects to the implementation of a "Balanced Scorecard" at Sparklin Automotive Company (SAC), and the boards concern with attaching compensation to performance measures. As noted in my previous memo, performance measures fall in four distinct categories these categories are financial perspective, customer perspective, internal process perspective, and learning/growth perspective (Niven, 2006). As we have a previously established, these performance measures are symbiotic in their success and failure in relationship to the success and failure of the other performance measures. Though this is only a recommendation, with certainty and educated deduction is SAC eventual purpose may be realized through performance measured which is...

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