Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

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Compensation Plan Proposal

Compensation Plan Proposal
Policy Statement: To support our value of demonstrating high standards of excellence, efficiency and commitment to the company, InterClean will provide a new compensation program designed to pay the new team employees competitively and reward those employees for their efforts.

• InterClean will strive to pay it’s employees competitively, comparing to other organizations that perform the same duties.
• Department Managers and the Human Resource Department will work together to ensure that that the salaries which individuals receive are competitive and commensurate with experience, skills, efficiency and performance.
• The compensation program will provide employees opportunities for career growth both within and outside their work areas in various ways such as:
❖ Growth within a job salary range
❖ Job reclassification
❖ Promotion
❖ Transfer

Guiding Principles:
• Keep salaries competitive in the sales/cleaning industry
• Provide flexibility
• Support InterClean and management in selecting, training, motivating and keeping highly qualified men and women
• Reward quality performance
Salary (financial rewards): The Department Manager and Human Resources will set a starting salary for all employees, once a salary range has been determined for specific jobs. The salary will be set at the minimum of the salary range for each position, with the exception of a new employee substantially exceeding the minimum qualifications for the job. Progression through the salary range will be based on performance once a probationary period has ended. In order to qualify for a performance increase, the probationary period must be over and an evaluation must be completed by a manager or supervisor. Performance increase rewards are then based on the degree to which employees meet...

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