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My philosophy is to provide a comprehensive risk-oriented, total compensation package to reward and retain employees in the team for their contribution to the success of the organization.

Compensation program is designed to:

 Motivate employees to the highest standards of performance, commitment, and personal development while maintaining competitive total compensation levels based on local marketplace condition and trends.

 Offer competitive total compensation packages in order to attract, retain, motivate and reward excellence, innovation, quality customer service and teamwork.

 Ensure that all practices are in compliance with local regulatory requirements.

 Communicate and administer compensation programs in a fair and equitable manner that supports InterClean's mission and values.

Sales compensation plans are used for employees in roles with a significant and measurable influence on the sales process. Variable earnings opportunities vary based on the amount and type of influence (for example direct or indirect), should be measurable within current systems capabilities and make the most direct linkage to the employee's ability to influence (individual, team, area, etc.)


Motivate and inspire every member of the sales force to exceed customer expectations and surpass revenue goals, and thus positively impact InterClean sales productivity.


Based on informed insights of what motivates and inspires the sales team we should:

 Drive higher performance through incentive programs, including recognition and sales contests

 Equip sales team with a powerful selling advantage by disseminating a customer-facing translation of the InterClean strategy and roadmap via events and updates

Management by Objective (MBO):

MBOs are an element of the Compensation Plan for employees in my Sales team. The MBO process will reward eligible employees for successfully achieving their monthly objectives....

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