Competitive Eating

Competitive Eating

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The world of competitive eating!

1. Int. President of International Federation of Competitive Eating

Footage: An older man, dressed in suit top with smart looking face. Sits and talks about his thoughts on World wide competitive eating. The previous World record holder of Hands free blue berry pies eat offs.

“Competitive eating is one of the worlds hardest sport. If a kid came up to me and said that he wanted to be an eating champ it just put a smile on my face. But I must emphasize ‘don’t try speed eating at home’ without this sport so many lives would be different. I couldn’t be where I am without eating”

2. Takeru (The Tsunami) Kobayashi

Footage: Young tall man, sitting talking about his experience in competitive eating.

“I’ve been eating ever since I can remember. My family is so proud of me. When I told mum that I won the fourth of July eat off mum screamed and yelled because that put me 2nd in the world. Without eating I would be a nobody. People see me on the street and ask for my autograph it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

3. Joey Chestnut

Footage: Shorter fatter man, sitting in a room with red background talking about his experiences as world number.

“Eating is my life! I love to eat! I love to eat faster than everybody else. One day I want my name to be a household quote. Just imagine parents saying ‘slow down tiger your doin’ a Joey chestnut’.

4. Takeru (The Tsunami) Kobayashi

Footage: At the gym working out. Very sweaty. He is dressed in a singlet and shorts practicing his eating techniques. Facial exercises, cucumber test and maximum mayo test.

“So pretty much I do this everyday of the year apart from competition. My training schedule is quite intense. I come in and work my jaw muscles for several hours then do the cucumber test. The cucumber test testes my deep throat. This shows me how much food I can get down my throat at one time. Sometimes I cover it in mayo...

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