Compilation of Hadith

Compilation of Hadith

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1. The word hadith, according to the dictionary, has several meanings such as "new," "novel," "recent," "modern," and "speech", "report," "account," and "narrative." However, in Islamic context, the term hadith means "Prophetic tradition" or "narrative relating deeds and utterances of the Prophet (S)." According to some, even the account of a dream linked with the Holy Prophet (S) is also included in the category of hadith.

2. In most cases, the words sunnah and hadith are used as interchangeable synonyms by the scholars of the science of hadith. The author of the book Talwih says:

"Sunnah is a more general term than hadith, and includes everything related to the Prophet (S) except the Qur'an: his speech - which is hadith - and his behaviour and character."

3. According to another opinion, since the majority of Sunni Muslims believe in Qur'an's being sempiternal (qadim), everything else except the Qur'an from the Prophet (S) came to be called hadith, a word closely related with hadith meaning "incidental" as opposed to "eternal". Some are of the opinion that the sayings of the Sahabah (the Companions of the Prophet) and the Tabiun (the second generation after the Holy Prophet (S)) can also be included under the term hadith. On the other hand, for the Shiah authorities on hadith, the term can properly include only the narratives relating the speech, biographical details deeds of the Prophet (S) and the Imams (A).

4. The authorities of hadith differ as to meanings covered by hadith and khabar (report). While some consider the terms as being synonymous, others are of the opinion that khabar is a term which is more general than hadith. According to them, khabar applies to every narrative regarding the Prophet (S), while hadith is taken to mean a narration quoting the Prophet (S) himself. Some, as pointed out above, apply the term hadith to the sayings of the Sahabah and Tabiun in addition.

Accordingly, every hadith is also a khabar, though every...

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