Complain Letter

Complain Letter

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P.O. Box 660075
Dallas, TX 75266-0075

August 17, 2011

Refer to Customer ID#54424442

Mr. Thomas R. Jones
General Manager
1224 Riverfront Ln
Miami, FL 74782-1055

Re: Damaged shipment

Dear Mr. Jones

I received today my new evo from sprint, since I had my last phone stolen. When I received my evo in the mail which was two days later than the type of shipping I had paid for the phone was completely damaged.

It appears that the phone had been not marked as fragile. At some point thought out its trip to me not only does it have scratches on it, the screen is severely cracked. The phone is unusable and definitely be touched to my face since it has jagged edges. The phone is at my house where it can be picked up at any time by one of your delivery trucks.

If all possible I would like to have my shipping fee of $19.95 refunded since the package came two days late. Also I would like the phone replaced as soon as possible. This has created many problems for me with work as well as personal issues with not having a phone that I can be reached at.

Sincerely yours,
Shantae Williams
Shantae D. Williams
Individual Customer

Enclosure: copy of Customer ID: 54424442

P.S. In the near future I plan on expanding the lines on my plan and I would appreciate a brochure on your family plans and rates.

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