Compliance-Gaining Stratigies

Compliance-Gaining Stratigies

David Koresh i

David Koresh
Compliance-Gaining Strategies

Carla Carter
Psychology 180
Professor Alamoa
February 13, 2010

David Koresh 1
Compliance-Gaining Strategies
Regardless of beliefs, intelligence or upbringing, people can be persuaded into anything such as cults by using compliance-gaining strategies. A cult is a religion or religious sect generally considered extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader. People that join cults don’t start out joining them to become apart of the cult, however, they join seeking a new religion or for self-help needs. David Koresh was a charismatic leader who studied the bible and corrupted the lives of his followers. He persuaded his followers to drop their lives and follow him. Because of his love of the Bible, he based his mission and prophecies on the book of Ezekiel and Revelations. The passages of Ezekiel dealt with separating the faithful from the sinners. Koresh convinced his followers he was the Seven Seal and the final angel destined by God to end the world. This paper will describe the compliance-gaining strategies used to influence David Koresh’s followers. Moreover, it will describe how his followers were subjected to conformity, compliance and obedience. And finally describe two compliance-gaining strategies the ATF used in the surrendering of the Davidians.
Compliance-gaining is a term used to identify the act of intentionally trying to alter behavior. (Kenrick 1999). The three compliance-gaining strategies that I will discuss are expertise (positive), threat, and promise. First let’s look at expertise (positive). The book describes this strategy as getting compliance by telling people they will be rewarded because of the way the world works and good things will happen. (Kellerman 1994;Marwell 1067). This was displayed when Koresh convinced his followers that since he was...

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