Compliance It

Compliance It

Risk Management Plan for DLIS


This purpose of this Risk Management Plan (RMP) is to for DLIS is to address the the current and future risk that may occur.The making of this plan if to help foresee potential risk, estimate impact, and defined response to risks. The focus of this plan will be to avoid risk by changing the system as needed to overcome problems.Suggested implementations for controlling and mitigating risk, as well as the transfer of risk to relieve liability from DLIS by outsourcing risk to third party companies that can manage the outcome. If the RMP goes as accordingly than this should help bring down the risk of a violation and the cost of violation per year.


The RMP will cover the compliance and regulations for DLIS, a proposed approach to managing risk, and to make sure all stakeholders/employees have the appropriate training and knowledge. The current infrastructure will be re-advised to help with compliance and regulations. All staff will be educated on proper procedure to help mitigate risk.

All managerial staff at DLIS is expected to keep all data accurate and train new/existing employees on methods of doing so IT staffing at DLIS would be in charge of the network and data Confidentiality,Integrity and Availability as well as controlling user policies,Server policy, Router/Switch access control list, and managing the firewall and traffic.


First process in the RMP will be making a list of potential risk,threats, and vulnerabilities that DLIS might incur.Once all risks have been found and confirmed the prioritizing of the the list comes in here all risk will be assigned a level of threat based on the potential danger of the risk each risk will be issued from Critical, Major , and Minor. After all risk have been identified/prioritized an action Plan will be created to address each risk to minimize the impact of the risk and check the occurrence, IT teams will work with Stakeholder...

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