Compliance Plan

Compliance Plan

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Alumina Regulatory Compliance Plan
Guillermo J. Betancourt
University of Phoenix Online

My Plan for Alumina Inc

Alumina has enjoyed a good environmental record for the past five years. That tells us that they are doing a good job so far and that I’m making this plan for a company that might be compromised in doing what is right. Managing a crisis that involves environmental damage is a double-edged sword and one sees the affect on residents nearby and when regulatory agencies intervene, such as the EPA.

My plan will be focused the same way as the ones found in the simulation since my understanding of the simulation addresses the situations in the correct way. Management will strive to prevent extensive losses, minimize negative environmental and commercial impact, preserve public image, and adhere to the existing environmental statutes, regulations, and policies.

Regulatory risks may be identified and avoided by maintaining high standards of prevention. By detecting potential problems that may arise and by correcting those issues in advance, unnecessary expenses can be avoided.

For example, beautiful Lake Dira, where Alumina’s discharges of carcinogenic effluents were above EPA limits five years ago, could have been prevented in this situation by doing scheduled preventive maintenance to their internal filtration system. This would be wholly beneficial and could be seen as evidence that no intention exists to damage the body of water by any means, but rather a proactive plan to protect the lake, the people, and the environment in general.

To avoid any potential violation of EPA regulations, the company should perform routine monthly sampling of Lake Dira’s water supply in order to detect any abnormalities. If any abnormalities are found during the course of these routine checks, immediate notification to the appropriate EPA authority would be the best course of action, and would demonstrate a good-faith effort to remain in strict compliance...

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