Compoistion Reflection

Compoistion Reflection

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Nicolas Rinaldi

ENC 1101
Miss. Weber
Composition Reflection

The days of high school are over. No longer is it possible write a grammatically correct paper, go off on some semi related tangent, and still earn an A. Composition class opened my eyes to how I write and think critically. To find out that you are incapable of writing an “A” paper no matter how hard you try is a rude awakening. After the first essay, it turned out I had no idea what was being asked and expected of me for the class. I was unable to transition my paragraphs and ideas smoothly, my focus was a blur, and I had never heard of an academic voice in my life. I knew I was in for it. Having a good professor though, who was open minded and graded hard on essays, was a good start to my critical turn around. She pointing out every problem in my writing. I discovered quickly I had little ability to write cohesive flowing essays. Not only was I in need of improvement, I was in desperate search for my own foundation of thought, which until now never even knew I lacked.
This class caused the largest personal conundrum in my life. I discovered I had absolutely no ability what so ever to focus or concentrate on even the smallest of tasks. My thoughts were completely scattered. At the pace of a snail, it took weeks to complete my first essay assigned. When I finally completed the essay I held it to be the greatest work I had ever written. Only to find out a week later that I had received a failing grade. I
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finally realized I was in trouble. I had no definite mental foundation for my personal aspirations. Through the grades and comments received on my final drafts, I came to the conclusion that my writing was a direct reflection of my own thoughts and mind, lacking: focus, organization, and transition. So now, not only facing the basic challenges of composition, I faced a predicament that possibly defines the rest of my life.
Each essay I wrote was an awakening...

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