Components and Working Principle of Fote Four Roller Crusher

Components and Working Principle of Fote Four Roller Crusher

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Do you have a knowledge of components and working principle of Four roller crusher? Here I will introduce them to all of you.Four roller crusher is mainly used as secondary and fine crusher,which is featured of simplified structure and reliable performance,four roller crusher is applied for crushing medium hardness materials such as limestone,batt, chalk, bricks, slag, clinker, feldspar and coke etc.

(1) Four roller crusher is mainly consisted of frame, roller, safety adjustment, drive parts and so on.

(2) Four roller crusher is made up of four parallel device around the horizontal axis of rotating cylindrical roller itself,raw materials are fed into the gap between two roll and then materials are crushed and ground through the rotation of rollers in four roller crusher.

(3) The rotation of four roller crusher is driven by two electric motors,which rotates and works respectively through gear coupling and reducer to conduct up drive roller and low drive roller.

It p;ays an important role in sand making line. Sand making line is in greatly needed nowadays,it is based on the domestic increasing infrastructure construction. Four roller crusherplays more and more important role in modern society,Because of sand making line supports the whole process of infrastructure construction,and four roller crusher is main crushing equipment in sand making line.our government launch the policy which encourages the development of artificial sand making line and four roller crusher.

Four roll crusher is used as secondary and fine crusher,which can not be replaced ,The function of four roller crusher meets the needs of domestic economy development,as well as it also saves of energy consumption and limited raw materials.Four roll crusher is indispensable in sand production line, which improves the utilization rate of ore in sand making line.Finally four roller crusher realizes the of benefit harmonization between enterprise and society.

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