Comporasing Og Brand and Budged Hotels

Comporasing Og Brand and Budged Hotels



Comparison between Budget and Luxury Brand within the same Hotel Chain

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The aim of the assignment is the comparison of a budget brand with a luxury brand within one hotel chain. This will be done by using the example of Accor which is a very large French hotel chain with numerous hotel brands in all market segments. To be more specific, we will compare Accor`s most luxurious brand, Sofitel, with one of its budget brands, namely Etap hotel.

The assignment will refer to the target markets and their potential as well as underling financial and service related objectives according to the classification categories, which are explained in the Front Office text book.

About the parent company:

ACCOR is a large French multinational corporation, which currently operates in 100 countries with 150 000 employees. With its 13 different hotel brands it operates 4000 hotels with a total 465 084 rooms.

Comparison of the Target Market:

Target markets are defined by the Front Office Book as; Distinctly defined groupings of potential buyers (market segments) at which sellers aim or “target” their marketing efforts. (Kasavana and Brooks, 2005, p.33) As one can see the ACCOR hotel chain provides an answer to all target markets.
In this project however we will only analyze the luxury hotel chain Sofitel with the economy/limited service hotel Etap. The Target Market will also be looked at in regards to the target markets potential.

Hotel classification categories:

In order to understand the target markets better, we will look at the definitions of the hotel classification, so that we can see what service levels each classification brings with it. The economy/limited service classification is defined as follows; A level of service emphasizing clean, comfortable, inexpensive rooms that meet the most basic needs of guests. Economy or limited service hotels appeal primarily to...

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