Comprehensive Analysis of of Daswell Rotary Kiln

Comprehensive Analysis of of Daswell Rotary Kiln

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Rotary kiln spit material, which is not a normal phenomenon, not only bring to the enterprise economic losses, but also bring security threats. We should analyze the reasons,draw up precautionary measures to prevent this problem from occurring. The number of applications in rotary kilns in the cement industry. The entire production process of cement be summarized as “two-mill burn”,which “burn” is the preparation of a good raw material, after grinding burn under high temperature clinker rotary kiln process. Therefore, the cement rotary kiln production in the host, commonly known as the “heart” of the cement plant.

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The building materials industry, rotary kiln apart from the calcination of cement clinker,is also used to calcine clay, limestone and slag drying; production of refractories, the use of rotary kiln calcination of raw materials to make it dimensionally stable, increase strength, and then molding process. In environmental protection, the world”s developed countries, the use of cement kilns burning hazardous waste, garbage more than 20 years of history, which not only waste reduction, harmlessness,and use of waste as a fuel saving of pulverized coal.

At the rotary kiln top, kiln tail seal and synthetic furnace contract warehouse, emerge in large numbers air leak phenomenon, system pressure rise, coal unreasonable, kiln temperature does not reach normal height, thus limiting the feed rate, the firmware choice of companions small stone crusher, forming kiln smoke room slopes castable high dimensional than the design, during additional feeding amount, the tremie pipe is blocked easily, increase the low feed chamber pouring...

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