Computer Architecture Question and Answers

Computer Architecture Question and Answers

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a) Define ;

I. Computer architecture

Computer architecture is defined as a computer system, its functions, components, and their interconnections. It can also be said to be the conceptual design and fundamental operational structure of a computer system.

II. I/O components

These are computer parts that assist the computer system in obtaining data and information from the environment and converting it to computer understandable form (input function) and also converting the internal computer data to external form that can be easily understood by other parts of the system (output function) e.g. the human users. The input function is handled by the input components whereas the output function is handled by the output components.

b) In context of system interconnection structure, explain the following communication patterns that are supported.

➢ I/O to CPU

This is the type of interconnection structure where the CPU and the I/O share a data path to the memory. In this structure, the CPU is tasked with the responsibility of controlling all data exchanges which include data transfers between the memory and the I/O which must pass through it. This type of interconnection structure has one main drawback in the sense that the CPU’s performance is significantly affected as a result of I/O activity.

➢ I/O to memory

This type of interconnection structure differs with the I/O to CPU structure in the sense that the I/O has direct and independent access to the memory through the I/O module. As a result of this, the CPU performance is not affected in any way by the I/O.

This structure has a conflict resolution logic device incorporated in the memory unit. The memory unit also allows for the communication between the CPU and the I/O....

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