Computer Low

Computer Low

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Business law is the general field of law relating to business organizations, business structures, and business transactions. Also included in the business law field are issues related to real estate, tax, and the environment. Business law courses are law students, business law are very detailed and will allow the attorney to give competent business law advice, to what kind of business organization might be appropriate for a client and what course of action may be best in certain business transactions.

Computer law is a set of recent legal enactments, currently in existence in several countries, which governs the process and dissemination of information digitally. These legal enactments cover a broad gambit of different aspects relating to computer software, protection of computer software, access and control of digital information, privacy, security, internet access and usage, and electronic commerce. These laws have been described as "paper laws" for "paperless environment".

Computer security law is a new field, and the legal establishment has yet to reach broad agreement on many key issues. Even the meaning of such basic terms as "data" can be the subject of contention.

What is Computer Law?

Critics have said that there is no such thing as computer law, just as there was no "law of the horse". What is popularly called computer law is mostly an eclectic amalgamation of concepts from existing law, which are applied to the relatively new technologies of computer hardware and software, e-mail, and the Internet.

However, there are several reasons why it is convenient to have a separate classification for computer law:
1. Solving legal problems that arose from the use of computers often requires some legal principles that are rarely encountered in the practice of law. For example:
A. Disputes about e-mail and web pages on the Internet extend across state lines, and may even extend across national borders. For example, there...

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