Computer Mediated Communication

Computer Mediated Communication


Computer Mediated Communication:
Can it affect interpersonal communication in a negative way?

In the following, computer mediated communication and its affects on interpersonal communication will be discussed. Many researchers focus on the positive impact that CMC has on those that use it. However, it is also important to research whether or not CMC can affect interpersonal communication in a negative way. The following focuses on the negative ways that CMC can affect interpersonal communication, particularly in the sense of self-presentation, cyberbullying, and social isolation.
Keywords: computer mediated communication, CMC, interpersonal communication, self-presentation, cyberbullying, social isolation

In this day and age, numerous forms of communication technology are being used all across the globe. Face-to-face communication is quickly becoming less preferred, and many different types of social media are rising in popularity. Can the excessive use of these social media outlets affect certain areas of interpersonal communication in a negative way? Some researchers have sought out the answer to this question, particularly in terms of self-presentation, the potential for cyberbullying, and social isolation.
I’ll begin by discussing the self-presentation aspect of the topic. According to Sprecher (2011), “Misrepresentation on computer mediated communication is of concern because of the greater control (relative to that in face-to-face communication) that one can have over self-presentation and because of the asynchronous nature of computer mediated communication, which includes self-censorship.” This text does well in explaining the way in which social media users have greater control of their self-presentation, more so than those communicating face-to-face. Because CMC allows greater control over self-presentation, it is easier for users to withhold...

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