Computer Science Graduate Essay

Computer Science Graduate Essay

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Out of curiosity as a kid, I often damaged electronic devices in order to know how they worked and would find it impossible to re-assemble thereafter. I grew up with the passion which later made me choose Information Technology as a profession.
At the university, I received substantial training in systems engineering, repairs and maintenance. This propelled me in setting up my first systems and network for the faculty of engineering laboratory, at the university with the support of some Engineers.

My objective for pursuing a graduate degree at Devry University is to build a solid academic background in my field of interest which will enhance my efforts and marketability in job market.

My professional goal is to become a distinguished Information Technology Manager, with expertise in Large Scale IT Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and e-commerce.
In order to achieve my goals, I have chosen to acquire a master degree in United State of America, in Information Systems Management at Devry University.
I hope to acquire knowledge in the areas of, information systems, management and organizational skills and gather experience that will enable me to effectively manage projects within information systems, telecommunications, customer service and manufacturing environments.

As an employee of information technology firm, with solid 3 years experience in planning and designing systems and network, I have developed a solid foundation in teamwork, technical, analytical and problem solving skills. With my first employer, I acquired a lot of systems and network experience - LAN and WAN, Wireless Communication, Enterprise Cisco and Microsoft Solutions, GSM Network Management and Testing, Base Station Troubleshooting, Mobile Business Software Deployment for Mobile Phones, Technical Due Diligence, Asset Management and Contract Evaluation.

Under my second employer, I administer Linux and windows servers, workstations, and support customer service...

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