Computers in the 21st Century

Computers in the 21st Century

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Computer & Information Security in the 21st Century

During the course of the 21st century, computers have become far more than simply a data processing center. Today, computers allow citizens of the world to gather information on any topic, browse pictures of distant lands, watch YouTube videos featuring an array of themes, play games of any genre, etc. To be sure, computers have become the medium of choice for virtually every age group. With computers gradually becoming the warehouse for all of our personal and financial information, it is critical that they be protected to the utmost extent. This can be achieved through adequate computer and information security.

What is Computer Security?
Quite simply, computer security is the protection of privileged information from outsiders. As has been seen more and more frequently, computers are under constant attack from other users attempting to steal credit card and bank information, or gain highly personal information regarding product tastes.

What is Cyber Security?
Internet security is best described as the protection of your computer against attacks via the World Wide Web. Some examples of such attacks are through the use of a virus, spyware, adware, malware, and bots (2). “Cyber security involves protecting that information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attack (3).” Fortunately, there are bountiful computer applications that can deter all of these with proper use.

Current Assessment

What is being done to correct this

How can you contribute?
It is in the best interest of all patrons of the internet to adequately safeguard their computer against attacks. To do this, there are 5 simple ways to ensure your computer is secure. (2)

1. Implement a firewall
a. Most current versions of Windows have a built-in firewall.
2. Install an Antivirus program
a. AvantGo! And AVG are some examples of free antivirus software.
3. Install an Antispyware program

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