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(Good Food, Good Life)

Presented To:

Lecturer: Madam Fareeha Nisar

Presented By:

Mohammad Salman Zubair 108
Hassan Izhar Niazi 098
Sakhawat Hussain 058
Kiran Saba 024
Shumaila Akbar 070

(Group No = 02)


ll the praises and thanks are to ALLAH the most beneficent, ever merciful and kind of Day of Judgment- We offer our
Humblest thanks and special praise to the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) who’s moral and spiritual teaching a forever source of guidance and knowledge for humanity as a whole enlightened. We heart and mind and flourished our thoughts towards achieving high ideas of life.

We feel our first and foremost duty to express our grateful appreciation and thank to our teacher, MISS FAREEHA NISAR her illustrious dvicekeen interest. Encouragement and constructive criticism were the real source of inspiration during the completion of this project.

A token of special thanks to the following people who had been very friendly to us, Especially SALMAN QAYYUM NIAZI (Area Sales Manager Bahawalpur) and made it possible for us to learn and gather all the information needed for our project report in as much detail as we could. These are the people who in spite of their busy scheduling took time out to explain to us the procedures and mechanics of work in the organization. Our project report would not have been possible without their friendly and helpful attitude.


The vision for the nestle company is:

“Quality is our priority”

It means:
“Nestle provides high quality products by ensuring international standards at every step of our operations & timely service, by employing the best facilities for a better & healthy living of our consumers”

Mission Statement:
“Good food, Good Life”


The Nestle History: 7

Nestle Pakistan Ltd: 8