Comunication in Modern World

Comunication in Modern World

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One skill that most of the people do not have and which is the most important is “Communication”. It is not simply the way in which we talk with another person. It encompasses many meanings like the way in which we respond to the person we are speaking, pitch and tone of our voice and attentiveness, body gestures including the facial and many more.

effective communication skills are now required in each and every aspect of our life. Good communication skills help the relationships to develop along good lines, and ensure that arguments and disagreements are kept to a minimum. Good communication will avoid arguments and insults, as well misunderstanding with other person. Another important part of communication in relationships is taking the initiative yourself; often people have this problem while communicating, which comes from fear. They always think a thousand times whether to approach a person or not. But a person with good communication skills is always the first to start a conversation.

Without effective communication skills, a person may find it impossible to climb up the corporate ladder. Promotions and good ideas always come from to those who can communicate effectively at all levels, from senior management level to the lowest employee. Knowing how to communicate with the world around us bring some benefits like happiness that makes you happier by having joyous relationships, reduces arguments between parties in a talk, helps one to correctly expresses one's self and as well makes you attractive because you attract the people on your internal self.

In modern world communication is not only limited to verbal, at cooperate level most of the communication is done through emails, they way in which a person presents his thought have a direct impact on the outcome of the conversation. A mail that is kept professional and to the point will result in a conversation that will not deviate from the main subject of discussion thus cutting down the time spent...

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