Concept of Sawmill Saftey

Concept of Sawmill Saftey

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Concept of sawmill safety

Scott Coleman
English 101
Grand Canyon university
Professor Whitler

safety 1

You may think safety is a given at a sawmill. But it really isn't people make careless mistakes all the time. I will share the concept of sawmill safety with you as it was given to me by my former employer. The first thing in sawmill safety is to make sure that the work area is always kept clean.
Keeping the work area clean in a sawmill is very important. If you don't keep scrap wood and saw dust cleaned up it can cause a variety of hazards. Including but not limited to trips and slips. Especially in the winter when you are dealing with frozen wood, snow, and ice. There are also oil spills that can cause danger. When they are not cleaned up. Ear plugs or some kind of hearing protection is also required in the sawmill.
Hearing protection really is a must in the sawmill. There are a lot of people that are deaf because of the loud noise that comes from sawmills running and the sawing of wood. I worked in a sawmill for 10 years and probably 6 of the 25 people that worked their had to were hearing aids. There are a lot of moving parts that also can cause injury.
The rollers that move the lumber through the saws can cause injury. Either from careless people or loose fitting clothes getting caught in the moving parts. Therefor it is important to pay attention to what is going on around you when working in a sawmill. Also jewelry can be a hazard in sawmills. Necklaces are probably the biggest hazard they dangle and can become easily become caught in machinery. It is also important to watch out for coworkers when...

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