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Media Information 19th May 2003

Solar Energy - The Sun will never send us a bill

The sun doesn’t always shine in Ireland but conditions for solar energy are very favourable that is according to Paul Kellett Technical Manager with Sustainable Energy Ireland’s Renewable Energy Information Office. Paul explains:

“Since the beginning of time, the sun has been the source of energy and life on earth. Today, solar energy can provide cost-effective solutions to fight climate change and reduce our dependency on expensive and polluting fossil fuels.

Solar energy in Ireland is not a myth, and contrary to what many people may think, we are not short of solar energy resources. In Ireland every year we receive the equivalent of 600 times the total amount of energy we consume from the sun.

At current energy prices the average Irish family will spend over €40,000 in the next 30 years just to heat their home. Harnessing solar energy can reduce those costs by over 50%.

This very intense source of free, eco-friendly energy will always be available – it is carbon dioxide free and will never send us a bill.”

Solar Homes Catch the Sun
Thousands of new homes and commercial premises currently being built fail to meet the basic design principles that could cut energy consumption by over 30% at no extra capital cost. Building regulations ensure reasonable standards of insulation, but most home owners are unaware that with just a few common-sense measures houses could make far more efficient use of solar energy.

Passive solar design (PSD), an architectural approach to maximise natural solar gains, reduces heat losses and provides natural ventilation and day lighting. The key elements are south facing orientation, a high level of insulation, a comparatively large area of glazing on the south façade, controlled ventilation, shading to avoid overheating and wind sheltering. The use of sustainable construction materials should also to...

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