Concepts relating to the application and implication of information and communication technology

Concepts relating to the application and implication of information and communication technology

A Project on Concepts relating to Applications and Implications of Information and Communication Technology

Distinguish between the internet, intranet and extranet.
This is a network of networks that connects worldwide via a huge set of telecommunication links.

This is a small private network that looks quite like the internet, but is only available to people working for a specific organization.

This is an internet that makes some of the information available to people outside the organization such as customers or suppliers.

Electronic Mail (E-mail)
This is an electronic mail that is sent and received electronically over a network.

Example of an e-mail
This is an internet-based discussion about a particular topic. Users post messages to a news server which then sends them to other participating servers.

This is an example of a newsgroup article.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
This is a protocol that allows for web discussion
lefttopThis is an example of an IRC conversation among several users. Example of how a message would be sent to users.
This is one of the ways that a person can access a remote computer over a network such as the internet. It was a protocol used in the early days of the internet.

File Transfer Protocol
This is a set of rules used to govern the sending and receiving of files on the internet.

This is the process of reading data from a user’s computer storage and sending it to another computer via communication channel.

This is the process whereby programs or data are transferred via communication channel, from a computer and stored on media located at the user’s computer.

World Wide Web (WWW)
This is a collection of all the websites in the world.

Web Browser
This is a piece of software that connects to a webpage and displays it on your screen so you can view it.
Example of a web...

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