Conceptual Bhopal Case Study

Conceptual Bhopal Case Study


Other than the factual issues, there are also some conceptual issues and moral values related to this case. All of them will be discussed in this section.

Moral Values

Loyalty to company
It can be explained as a responsibility of an employee to bring benefits and profits to his/her company without causing any loss to the company in terms of its economic growth or social reputation. This responsibility means that the said employee should not be involved in any crime or immoral action. It can only be maintained or shown by abiding with the terms of obeying moral rules or laws.

Responsibility to family
This type of responsibility is a duty to give a comfortable life or at least provide the fundamental needs such as food, drink and place to stay to the family. By carrying out this responsibility, a person must not disobey the moral rules and laws and must not get involved in crimes or any other immoral activity. This responsibility is mainly shown by the people or the citizens of the Madhya Pradesh who were willing to live in cheap settlements which did not even fulfill their basic needs just to get to work and make a living for themselves and their families.

Responsibility to public safety
When we talk about public safety we all know that we must always take good care of the public. It is very important for one to evaluate whether an action can be carried out or not. A responsibility that the government (India) should have had; economic growth may be vital for the growth of a country but the safety of the public should also be held paramount.

Humanity exists within everyone. It can be defined as the most fundamental quality of being a human. It can be referred to moral standard which is helping people when they need it and not to kill people. Such a quality is usually voided by the greed and hatred of man such as shown by the Union Carbide (India) Limited (UCIL) where they knew that...

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