Concussion Policy

Concussion Policy

Concussion Policy

About Concussions

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. Most teens with a concussion usually recover quickly, but in some cases kids will still have concussion symptoms anywhere from a few days to a few months after the initial injury.

We take careful precautions when
an athlete gets a concussion, without
the necessary attention it needs or
time to heal it can be extremely
dangerous for the athlete. A repeat
concussion before the brain recovers
from the first one can come with a
handful of health issue. This can
cause the athlete long term health
problems, memory issues, decreased
learning ability, or second impact
syndrome, a rare occurrence that causes
brain swelling and results in permanent
disability or death.
Policy efforts and actions

Schools all over the nation have
been creating concussion policies
and/or action plans in order to
keep our student athletes safe.
Our goal is to properly recover
the athlete from the concussion
and educate the athletes coaches
and parents on precautions to
take in order to prevent future

After being pulled out an athlete must sit out for a minimum of 24 hours. The first step of action is to immediately take the athlete out of play if there is an chance the athlete may have a concussion. Then we will proceed to educate the coaches and parents of the athlete about concussions and precautionary steps they should take. If the athlete indeed has a concussion he/she will not be a loud to play for a minimum of 7 days regardless if the athlete has symptoms or not.

Returning to play

When the athlete has been cleared by
a health care professional he/she will
be eased back into play. Return to...

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