Condensate Contamination Detection System (Ccds)

Condensate Contamination Detection System (Ccds)

Condensate Recovery :

It is observed in the plant that the high energy condensate which is recovered from reactors, distillation columns and other equipments is sent back to cooling towers. This is because of the suspicion of contamination. If we bring this condensate to boiler feed water tank we can save lot of fuel and good amount of treated water.

In addition to the above we can save the following:

• Cost of treating the water (condensate is extremely pure, typically 2-10 ppm TDS
• Cost of the water itself

The apprehension in returning "suspect" condensate:

Sometimes, due to suspected leakages or other sources of contamination, there are also serious hazards of returning contaminated condensate to the boiler house. Even low level contamination in the condensate can cause foaming, scaling, corrosion or even water carry-over. Water carry-over causes boiler water to be carried in the steam header contaminating the steam lines, fouling the valves, clogging heat exchangers, and sometimes damaging the product thereby causing expensive lost production.


How does CCDS solve the problem :

The Condensate Contamination Detection System [CCDS] can protect your boiler, ensures product quality and saves energy and water costs. The concept is to monitor the condensate for the presence of impurities, and to keep returning it as long as it is clean. The moment any rise in contamination is detected, the condensate return line is automatically closed, and the contaminated condensate is dumped to pit. The parameter used by the CCDS to measure contamination in your case is Conductivity as we need to keep a check on the TDS level to ensure that only pure condensate goes back to the boiler.

What's in the package :

The system consists of a Sensor Chamber with a temperature compensated conductivity sensor which is connected to a low range controller that continuously...

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