You remember my entry about Unconditional Love?

Well I wrote it because I was mad. I was mad that the people I loved kept getting hurt and I was powerless against it. And at some points I did have someone specific in mind. A Girl. A Girl who has has pain inflicted on her that is beyond my realm of comprehension. Pain that she shouldn’t have survived. But she has. And she keeps on surviving…. but only the ways she knows how. And sometimes those ways hurt. And not only do they hurt her but they hurt the people that try to love her. And my roommate, she doesn’t try, she does love her. With every fiber of her being. She loves this girl no matter the pain this love puts her through. And the pain hurts. But even she keeps on surviving it. Because this girl is not a lost cause. This pain - this Love - is not in vain. This Girl is Reachable, Helpable… and Lovable. Definitely Lovable.

We don’t know where she is so we can’t help her. And that sucks. But she has her reasons for staying. One’s that I, surprisingly, understand. But this is what she wrote in response to Conditional. It is in the comments section below that post but I was so impacted by her honesty that I felt it warranted front page attention. Read it.

"Ouch. There are things you know about yourself, and then there are “things you know about yourself.” One thing to know it about yourself, and another thing to have it written about you in such a raw unflinching manner. But maybe some of it is true. It is true that I don’t love you-I don’t know you. So I can understand how all of my baggage could be too much emotionally. I don’t have any attachment to you, and I can see how coming to me from that vantage point can be draining and unfulfilling. If I make you, a person who I hardly know feel this way about me, though-it makes me wonder what I’ve done to the person I do love. I don’t want to hurt Sara. I know that I do, anyway, and I know that saying sorry doesn’t make anything better. She is more than...

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