Condlezza Rice

Condlezza Rice

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Imagine growing up in the heart of the segregated South and being told you could not eat a hamburger at Woolworth’s because the color of your skin was too dark, but you could become President of the United States if you so desired. This is exactly the juxtaposition John and Angelena Rice faced while trying to instill in their bright, young daughter the limitless possibilities of the American Dream. Condoleezza Rice may not be president'' yet'' but she is at the President’s side making crucial policy decisions that are shaping this country’s foreign relations daily. As National Security Advisor her responsibilities are immense, but the pressures of her position appear to be handled with a graceful ease and a sharp readiness for the unexpected.

Surely, Condoleezza Rice has conquered every obstacle set before her, and is a living testimony of pure will power. But where did such majestic inner strength come from? What motivated her to attain that invincible intellectual prowess? And who inspired her to be a stalwart leader among leaders? And how can we benefit from her experience? The answers lie in Condoleezza’s story'' in her history as well as where she stands today.

With parents who taught her by example to accomplish her goals and school mentors who believed in her gifts of excellence, Condoleezza has undoubtedly grown into a woman with a razor sharp mind and confidence of steel. At the Republican National Convention in 2000 Rice spoke about the qualities required of leadership. She said, “Leadership is hard work” because “leaders are made not born.” Her innate strength stems from a bloodline of courageous ancestors who fought their way out of the shackles of slavery and into a world of opportunity, that they personally endeavored to create. Their stories have shaped and molded her into the leader that stands before us today.

In March, Condoleezza was presented with the NAACP Image Award, which honors those who have advanced the cause of minorities...

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