Cone crusher for sale

Cone crusher for sale

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The sales market of cone crusher gradually develops, sales volume of cone crusher sharply increases than the past years.Great wall cone crushers are of advanced design with a small footprint and high capacity in relation to size. They have high reduction efficiency and give very good product shape. With hydraulically adjusted CZS, the option of automation, a choice of several different crushing chambers, and many other high-performance features, each model is versatile, user-friendly and highly productive.

The design of the cone crusher is novel. It adopts new concept crushing technology which can meet different crushing requirements. This machine does not only offer high crushing ratio, but also offer fine and uniform product shape, low consumption is also its attractive point. This cone crusher has no requirement to the material humidity. It is suitable for any hard fragile material, can be used for crushing kinds of mineral materials. The cone crusher proves itself through a large project that it has excellent application prospect.

A cone crusher is generally used as a secondary crusher in a crushing circuit.The cone crusher not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also widens applying area, hardness range of materials from limestone to basalt. The vertical cone crusher drive shaft rotates the mantle eccentrically below the concave, or bowl liner, squeezing the product and crushing it between the mantle and concave. Cone crushers are usually run on belt drives driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. Cone crushers are used extensively throughout the aggregate and mineral processing industry.

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