Cone Crusher Machine at the Hongxing Size

Cone Crusher Machine at the Hongxing Size

Cement crushing project is also known as plastic surgery is the preferred equipment for artificial sand and stone shaping field. Hongxing mining Limestone crushing projectry and equipment as a domestic leader in the production of the crusher, Limestone crushing project and technology leader in the development of the production of the equipment tends to environmentally friendly, energy efficient, intelligent, large-scale direction.

As the technology leader in mining machinery manufacturers, in order to improve product quality sand and gravel aggregate , sand and gravel aggregate equipment to improve production technology of high-grade, increasing research and development efforts. Crush Quartzite machine new manufacturing technology, successfully developed a high wear resistance, high toughness of chromium , molybdenum, vanadium alloy solve the problem of fragmentation of hard materials , improving the life of the machine as a whole. cone crusher Although the feed roller and feed iron protection device, but still seeks to avoid unbreakable iron and other foreign objects into the machine.

Our customers in a number of provinces and so on, and improve product quality, service quality, but also increase investment in scientific research, now has the Central Plains, the crusher industry's largest R & D center and mechanical equipment research team, in soft power to achieve the domestic first-class production levels. Easy to install, easy to operate, light weight equipment, a variety of installation, removable installation. Limestone crushing project cubic shape, nesting particle size adjustable. Production capacity ; cone crusher will be crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber design the perfect combination of shape, so cone crusher cone crusher machine at the Hongxing size, the 35% -60 % higher than the old spring- cone crusher production.

After 30 years of reform and development, Hongxing Machinery has achieved numerous honors on research and...

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