Conferate vs Other Sides

Conferate vs Other Sides


Dear Jessica,

It is incredible the things that are going on here, in the Colonies. I know that I told you that I was planning to stay neutral in the rebellion against Great Britain, but you have no idea how terrible things are becoming here. The taxes, the prices we pay to buy our own products and the quartering acts are taking such a toll on us!

First, we are paying unbelievable taxes on things such a molasses, tea and paper- things that they are certain are a necessity! Jessica, I cannot believe the small things that we have taxes on and how much the money that British are making off of us. As part of the rebellion we are boycotting trade with Britain and my neighbors are crying “No taxation without representation!” I can’t help but want to support my neighbors and friends rather than this country that is putting us through such turmoil!

Also, we are paying unimaginable prices on goods that we provided the resources for. For what reason? So the British can buy them for little to no money, and then resell the finished product for so much more! We are so resentful because we are unable to profit from our own materials. Sister, something has to be done.

Finally, we are being forced to feed and shelter British soldiers. Something of the “Quartering Act?” What are we to do? Specified items included bedding, cooking utensils, firewood, beer or cider and candles, food and of course lodging. They believe that if their soldiers can be kept in service in the Colonies then we will pay for them and spare them of the “burden”. We’re taking the entire burden here.

Jessica, this is not a biased decision. I feel pity for the British Government and soldiers for how long it takes for their supplies to arrive to them when they may need them that day. Also, I feel sorry for the fact that they have obvious leadership problems in their military. In the end, I must support my home and the land that provides for me, not takes from me....

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