Conference and Exhibition Management

Conference and Exhibition Management

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This essay is talking about main strengths and weakness of Hong Kong as a conference destination. On the other hand, with reference to following main strengths and weakness, make recommendations for the development of the business tourism in Hong Kong. I am going to use “SWOT analysis”(Philip.K 2006 A-6 1) method to analyze, because “SWOT” (Philip.K 2006 A-61 1) stand for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat, this method can help me identify all external and internal environments clearly. Analyze strength and weakness from internal environments, opportunity and threat from external environments. There are five parts in essay structure; the first part is the strength of Hong Kong; the second part is the weakness of Hong Kong; the third part is colligate opportunity and threat of Hong Kong; the fourth part is recommend for development of the business tourism marketing in Hong Kong and the fifth part is conclusion.

Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in Asia for tourism and business. At the same time she combines 150 years of colonial influence and 5,000 years of Chinese tradition, Hong Kong also is mystique city. Refer to SWOT- strength (Philip.K 2006 A-61); the following paragraphs are going to analyze the strength in Hong Kong internal environments .First of all, Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities in Asia. She has many elements to be successful and famous conference choice. There are three main factors; Open Economy, Facility and Government Support.

Open Economy is the economy said to be open if it was traded with other economics; is free to exchange to another economy (About.com2). Company can trade any product pass in and out. Under open economy Hong Kong also is “Visitor Friendly city'”, in my opinion there are two main elements to made Hong Kong to be “Visitor Friendly’’. The first one is the low tax rate system which is strong strength in Hong Kong to compare with other destination (Hong Kong Tourism Board20083). Tax rate around...

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